8 consumer intimacy methods for a connected world

Getting close to consumers to build ‘consumer intimacy‘ has always been a priority for marketers. And, if anything, this is becoming more important in today’s world where attitudes [...]

Rejuvenating the Royal Enfield brand from the ‘inside-out’

Royal Enfield (RE) is a great example of a company successfully addressing one of the biggest challenges in marketing: rejuvenating a brand in trouble. Back in 2000, the Indian-based RE motorbike [...]


[Guest post by Prasad Narsimhan, Managing Partner based in Bangalore, India] Few brands have the courage to remain thematically consistent in their communication over a long period of time, [...]

Branding in a blink of the eye

Two books in recent years have changed the way we think about how we think. In ‘Blink’, Malcolm Gladwell wrote about choices that we make in an instant, literally in the blink of an eye. He [...]

Using a ‘brand peer group’ for inspiration

Whilst it’s of course important to keep an eye on your direct competition, we find that looking further afield can be a richer source of ‘fuel’ for idea creation. We encourage teams to look at [...]

Is Paper Boat sailing into choppy waters?

In an earlier blog, we celebrated Indian drinks brand Paper Boat as a shining example of ‘a brand born distinctive’: every element of the mix was distinctive, including the promise, [...]

What is your advertising really for?

Advertising is but one of several options brands have for creating distinctiveness by. Yet it is the most scrutinized & debated, as it consumes most of a brand’s discretionary money. But [...]

What relationship is right for your brand?

The idea of a brand having a relationship with consumers is one thing that differentiates it from a mere product. But what sort of relationship is right for your brand? From our experience on [...]

CEAT show the power of fresh consistency

In today’s hyper-competitive world, advertising faces never-before challenges – less than 2% of all ads cut through, according to some studies.  The typical response has been to make the [...]

Paper Boat: a brand that was born distinctive

Post by Prasad Narasimham, brandgym Managing Partner based in Bangalore, India. Building distinctiveness around a big brand idea to drive penetration is an important theme on the brandgym blog, [...]

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