Borrow with pride like Visa

Post by David Nichols, Group Managing Partner. VISA’s heartwarming Christmas ad is an interesting example of how to ‘borrow with pride’ when creating marketing [...]

Best Buy show how big brands CAN fight back

Post by David Nichols, Group Managing Partner and Head of Invention I recently read a great article in Inc. magazine about big US retailer Best Buy and its comeback from the brink in 2012 (1). [...]

Brand purpose for business growth: ellaOne

Post by David Nichols, Group Managing Partner and Head of Brand-led Innovation Many companies we talk to today are interested in brand purpose. The challenge is to ensure that any brand purpose [...]

3 Black Friday brands benefiting from ‘Fresh Consistency’

Post by David Nichols, Group Managing Partner and Head of Invention This Black Friday weekend I saw several brands reaping the benefits of ‘fresh consistency’: remembering what made [...]

Quality in-store activation from Quality Street

Sometimes the simplest brand ideas are the best. In particular, ideas don’t always have to rely on product innovation, they can be based on marketing innovation, as Quality Street* recently [...]

Finding growth closer to the core, like Bonne Maman

Too often, when it comes to innovation, brands look to stretch to new categories or bring whole new benefits before actually looking closer at the core, where there may be smart and more [...]

Heinz: smart sizing to grow the core

Heinz Baked Beans have been a staple of the UK & Australian diet for several generations. In the UK the brand is still the undisputed leader with sales of £847m in 2015. In Australia, they [...]

M&M’s pots: packaging to grow the Core

M&Ms is a mega-brand by anyone’s reckoning – more than 400 million individual M&M’s are produced every day in the United States and it has an estimated $4bn global turnover [...]

Brownie Brittle – An old fashioned digital success story

It’s one of those success stories we all love to hear about – lady turns baking hobby into multi-million dollar brand – but one we hear less and less in this tech obsessed world. But [...]

GRAZE – a new generation snacking brand

An odd looking snacking brand seems to be popping up in more and more places these days. It’s not another bar or bag of bites, it’s a huge variety of little trays of natural snacks. GRAZE is hot. [...]

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