Post by Anne Charbonneau, Managing Parter based in Amsterdam. The importance of the online channel has sky-rocketed during the Covid crisis. Tesco reported a 49% jump in online sales (three [...]

‘Bake in your brand’ to find space in a cluttered market: COMET meetings

Post by Anne Charbonneau, Managing Partner based in Amsterdam. A couple of weeks ago, one of my clients introduced me to COMET, a new player in the meeting room rental market. As we run workshops [...]

Brand refreshment to drive REACH: Ikea’s new city store

Post by Anne Charbonneau, Managing Partner based in Amsterdam. Between two client meetings in Paris I saw what looked like the opening of a cool tech or sports store, with queues round the [...]

The power of simply asking “WHY?”

Post by Anne Charbonneau, Managing Partner based in Amsterdam Asking questions and being a good listener is key to ‘getting under the skin’ of brand and business issues and unlocking learning. [...]

5 insights for effective range architecture

[Post by Anne Charbonneau, Managing Partner based in Amsterdam] At my local Dutch supermarket yesterday, I stared in utter confusion at the shelf of soya drinks, faced with explosion of possible [...]

3 practical ways to be more agile

We posted recently about the need to increase your ‘Adaptability Quotient’ (AQ) to make your brand and business stronger. Research we are running right now confirms that being more [...]

Is the future of shopping Brandless?

Brandless is an interesting new online business which launched in the US this week, backed by $50million in venture capital funding. The site offers what the company describes as [...]

Create a magical experience like Harry Potter World

A few weeks ago I had fun visiting the revamped Universal Studio in Los Angeles with my family, including my two sons who are both avid Harry Potter fans. Our first stop was of course  ‘The [...]

Give a goodie, build your brand

Receiving an online order is not the most romantic moment you can have. This is why many brands try to give a personal touch by adding ‘a goodie’, especially now with Christmas coming [...]

Bugaboo’s big, bold brand stretch: the Boxer luggage system

Post by Anne Charbonneau, brandgym Managing Partner based in Amsterdam, I was lucky enough to recently attend the exciting launch of bugaboo’s new product range: “a revolutionary luggage system” [...]

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