Fresh consistency in action: the brandgym blog!

We do try and apply on our own brand the principles we urge our clients to use. So we have refreshed and updated the brandgym blog. The blog does get over 60,000 page views a year and is in the world’s top 60 branding blogs, according to the BR200 survey. But after 11 years and over 1,300 posts, we thought it was time for a polish.

Keeping consistency

The aim of the blog remains the same as it when we started posting back in 2006: to create bite-sized nuggets of insight that cut through the bull**** and buzzwords of branding. We try to be practical and action oriented, giving tips and ticks you can apply to your own brand. And we focus on exploring different ways of delivering brand-led growth (e.g. creating a powerful, purposeful positioning; growing the core; brand rejuvenation; building distinctive brand properties; leading people to drive growth).

We continue to write two posts a week, every week; 104 posts a year. This requires a lot of time and plenty of stamina. But it keeps us current and on our toes, picking up snippets of brand news and views like a marketing magpie.

And the blog remains searchable. Just type in a term in the search box and you’ll get a few posts in the topic you’re interested in.

Keeping it fresh

We have refreshed, updated and simplified the visual structure of the blog itself. We hope you find it easier on the eye, and nicer to read. It is now integrated as part of the brandgym website:


Many people are reading this blog via the weekly email that features the two stories of the last week. Its been going out every Sunday for 11 years, to land in inboxes on Monday morning. The idea is to give you something interesting to talk about with your boss or team in those pesky Monday morning meetings!

Again, we have tried to make the email format easier to read. We have paid a fee to get rid of the adverts that used to clog up the email. So, hopefully you like the new style. Some people using Outlook got a huge brandgym logo in last week’s email. Hopefully this has been fixed.

Old version

New version

So, in conclusion, hopefully you find we have remembered and refreshed what the good bits of the brandgym blog!

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