Targeting ‘Millennials’ is nonsense: it’s a life-stage, not a segment

‘Millennials’ is one of the most over-used and mis-used buzzwords in marketing today. The term is often used to mistakenly portray people aged c. 25-34 as a homogeneous segment in [...]

Jack Daniel’s taps into ‘a triangle of truth’

Reading a Jack Daniel’s poster (see below) while waiting for a London Underground train today got me thinking about what an enduring and iconic campaign the brand has. It’s a great [...]

Timberland taps into a cultural truth to reboot its brand

I came across an interesting article in The Washington Post about how Timberland has mined customer data to help "reboot" the brand, here. The relaunch was promoted by revenue [...]

Airbnb: building on a human truth

The new communication campaign for Airbnb grabbed the attention of Mrs Taylor and myself when we saw it on TV this week. It's a really interesting example of a digital business making use of [...]

Why re-run your 20 year old advert?

Should famous brands consider re-running famous ads, even if they are 20 or more years old?  An recent article in The Times suggests that this is indeed a great idea, saying: “Our nostalgia [...]