Nike’s Kaepernick ad: provocative PR, not purpose-led branding

Nike’s new Colin Kaepernick advert* has been effective at provoking the desired political controversy and polarised opinion: 30% of US consumers feel more positive about Nike after seeing the ad, [...]

Rejuvenating the Royal Enfield brand from the ‘inside-out’

Royal Enfield (RE) is a great example of a company successfully addressing one of the biggest challenges in marketing: rejuvenating a brand in trouble. Back in 2000, the Indian-based RE motorbike [...]

Effective corporate brands sell benefits, not values

Only 29% of corporate brands are distinctive compared to their competitive set, according to a global survey by CEB of 1,250 stakeholders from different fields (employees, managers, influencers [...]

Snickers ‘You’re not you when you’re hungry’: the best global campaign ever?

Research for a recent project highlighted what is perhaps the best global marketing campaign ever: ’You’re not you when you’re hungry’, by Snickers. We tipped the campaign for the top [...]

2017 in review: Rebooting branding for a digital age

As we approach the end of the year, its time to look back and do a quick review of 2017. We’ve done another 100 blog posts this year, posting every week, like we have since the blog started back [...]

How Airbnb use brand purpose to build the business: brandgym book post 3

In this third post inspired by our new book, the brandgym: A Practical Workout to Grow Your Brand in a Digital Age, we look at how to use brand purpose to sell more stuff, using Airbnb as an [...]

Start with WHAT, not WHY

It seems I’m one of the only people to dare question the logic in Simon Sinek’s ‘Start with why’ approach to brands and business. So it was refreshing to read someone else [...]

Putting Pot Noodle back on the boil

Post by Jon Goldstone, former UK VP of marketing for Unilever, now brandgym Managing Partner, Global At the recent Marketing Society Effectiveness awards I was proud to see some of my old team [...]

Will Lynx/Axe pull off their re-positioning?

I am intrigued by what the global VP of Lynx/Axe, Rik Strubel, calls "the biggest re-positioning of the brand in the last 20 years", in a recent Marketing column. Check out the first [...]

American Express realise the potential of their brand

Hot on the tail of my post on bank Santander, here's another story about a financial services brand I admire: American Express. This is a brand that I use personally, so I've followed [...]