Anne Charbonneau Managing Partner,
Benelux and France
+31 611 64 34 07

"I love working with Anne, it’s inspiring and efficient. Our work together has shaped the global strategy and action plan for the next 2 years.  And on top of this, it’s fun.” This is how clients describe working with Anne.

Anne has 23 years experience in helping marketers develop strategy and has been a Managing Partner of the brandgym since 2008. She has worked on wide range of brand and marketing issues, for both global leaders (Mars, Danone, Bugaboo) and national brands (Bledina, Rians and Urgo in France).

Anne also helps B to B marketers develop deep customer understanding and craft growth strategies, including teams at Barry Callebaut, the world’s largest chocolate producer, and Essilor. 

She was previously a strategic planner in some of the world's most reputed communication agencies, including BBH and Wieden + Kennedy. Anne is passionate about working across cultures, having lived in 6 countries and 3 continents, and speaking French, Dutch and English. Her recent projects include:

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